Why get an ATM Machines

installed in your business?



Having ATM Machine in your business will be beneficial in terms of increasing foot traffic and maximizing your profit.  It has been observed that business with ATM machine installed in their businesses received an outstanding increase in their sales.  A Consumer tracking program reported that 68% of shoppers expect to see an ATM machine at their local store, and ATM users spend more by 64%. It can make more money for your business. But how profitable you can get by having this machine?


How to make money with ATM machine?

People pay a small portion of amount each time they use an ATM, that’s how businesses make money out of the ATM machines.  Imagine the profit you can get if most of your customers will use the machine, you have the opportunity to earn the commission by just using a small portion of your business place.

There are tons of ways to earn money if you like to have an ATM machine in your business.

RENT – If you want to rent the ATM machines the business that maintains the machine ( fills it with cash, repairs etc.) receives the money and you as the business owner gets the portion of the commission.

OWN  – This option gives you full control of the ATM machine (you fill it with cash and do the repairs) and you receive 100% of the surcharge revenue.

PARTNER WITH THE COMPANY – The company that owns the ATM machines will let you use it without any cost, while you take care of the other stuff like managing the day to day operations. You get a share with the revenue, more foot traffic and no cost to use the ATM.


Where to go to purchased or inquire about having one in your business?

ATMs can be purchased from several different ATM companies, it is important to consider the office locations, the features, and requirements to assure smooth operations.

IdealATM is the best place to partner or deal with all your inquiries, support and issues can be handled by an experienced and friendly team.