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Retail environments are the best place to have an ATM, aside for the fact that it is convenient to have it to a place where financial transactions take place and there is no need to make a trip to go to any financial institutions just to access any cash.

ATM machines from IdealATM are designed to be reliable, secure and can be easily access. We have 2 kinds of Retail ATM  with a slim profile standalone designs and machine to fit any space. Contact Ideal ATM today, and learn more about the ATM machines for retail business.


Whether your hotel is an independently-owned, franchise or a corporate chain with multiple locations, IdealATM can help 

Bars & Pubs

Interested in adding an ATM to your bar? Want to learn more about the benefit of adding one to your business establishment?

Grocery Stores

ATM machines in the grocery stores provide your customers with easy and secure access to their cash, convenient and safe.


Learn how you can put up an ATM machine to your Casino business and how is it going to benefit you and your customer


The statistic shows that the ATM industry has little data on ATM’s in school. Learn the benefits of having one in your school

Golf Course

An ATM at your golf course provides an added amenity to your customers and additional income for your business

Shopping Malls

ATM machine in your mall should be an integral component of  your business, your customers need instant access to reliable ATM cash machines.

Sports Venues and Concerts

Learn how to profit from the ATM Machine in your business. Learn how IdealATM can help you install one in your business


For convenience purposes, it will be beneficial to set up an ATM machine in your hospital for easy convenient and secure access to their cash 

Liquor Stores

If you are looking for Liquor Stores ATM, IdealATM can help and discuss the benefits of having one and develop a solution that will benefit your business

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