MIB – 11C

The MiB-11V Currency Discriminator processes a mixture of world currencies in a single pass — making it one-of-a-kind. This machine is designed for large volume cash processing [up to 72,000 bills per hour error-free] while optimizing cash processing efficiency in financial, retail and gaming environments. Featuring sophisticated Dual-CIS Sensors image processing technology, the MiB-11V allows for various counting and sorting modes of uninterupted operation with a dedicated full reject pocket, while at the same time, provides unparelleled bill recognition, denominating and superb suspect detection.

SB-7 Bill Counter

The SB-7 currency discrimination counter’s small footprint allows it to be utilized on the front counter, or at the customer service desk. Features include the ability to process Canadian paper and polymer and U.S bank notes, count mixed bank notes, and separate Canadian paper bank notes from polymer banknotes. Optional equipment includes a thermal journal printer, and an LCD customer display. The SB-7 currency discrimination counter can save you hours of time counting bills while ensuring accuracy and reliability.

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